UL Listed Black Stallion 128HP

Brand: Black Stallion

BLACK STALLION stands for quality, efficiency, performance, and delivery. BLACK STALLION is your confidence for Internal Combustion Engines for Driving Stationery Fire Pumps.

BLACK STALLION is a symbol fo trust for all fire pump installations. It is manufactured in accordance to NFPA 20 standards, and has passed all test and cirteria of the UL 1247 requirements, in our own UL Approved manufacturing and testing facility.

Bringing together a mix of internation design expertise with years of engineering experience, extensive research and advanced manufacturing facility, BLACK STALLION translated into a range of products that are here to stay.

The knowledge gained by the research and expertise, has resulted in the development of premium quality, cost efficient, performance oriented, high speed diesel engines, with a wide range of power.

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