Screw Pump

Brand: Starlone


The single screw pump has been widely used in the developed countries, where it is called as "Monopumps" and as an "Eccentric rotor pump" in Germany, and because of its good performance, the domestically applicable range has also been quickly expanded in the recent years.

The best feature of it comes as the strong suitability to a medium, stable flow, small pressure pulsation and high self-suction capacity, which can no be replaced by any other pumps.

On the basis to analyze and research the single screw pumps made in both at home and baroad, our company adopts the advantage therein and makes continual reforming and creating ont he one of itself, getting it in a series up till now, with the pressure as 0.6 - 1.2 MPa, and satisfying it to the different needs of users.

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