Submersible Pumps

Brand: Starlone

Operating Features:

Our submersible pumps adopt particular single blade or double blade, advance the ability to get across feculence. Fibre about 5 times as pump caliber can across. Mechanical seal adopt fresh model cemented cabide rot-proof material, and at the same time, we improved on the airproof to the single-ended doube-face mechanical seal, letting it work in oil chamber for a long period of time.

The whole structure is compact, volume is small, little noise and the energy saving result was apparent. As the machine does not need pump room, it can work in the water, therefore reducing project cost.

Automatic oupler installation system can be equipped, so nobody needs to get into the drainage ditch. The float switch can control automatically and do not need specially-assigned person.

For details, please download our brochure by clicking the link provided above.