AXV Vertical Multi-stage Pumps

Brand: Starlone

Operation Features:

AXV pumps series have ten flow specifications and hundreds of pressure specifications, so as to ensure that customers can always select the suitable models. Offering a wide range of applications, AXV pumps series are divided into common type and stainless steel type according to different materials fo the fluid contact components. The cast iron pieces are made by coated sand casting process with smooth casting surface. Electrphorese other than painting is followed after machinging. The cast stainless pieces are made by precision casting with smooth surface as well. 

The motor of AXV pumps are energy efficient and low-noise. The use of high-precision bearings are able to withstand the axial force generated by the rotor component high-speed operation. 

AXV pump series adopts cartridge mechanical seal, which is easy for installation and dismantle. For the pump equipped with more than 11kW, motor seat is heightened and the replacement of the mechanical seal can be done without dismantling the motor.

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