Split Case & Double Suction

Brand: Starlone

Operation Features

Excellent hydraulic performance, high efficiency, good cavitation performance. Staggered vane construction for changing the rate of impleller through pump tongue, which decrease the liquid pulse 1% - 4% of the head, more stabel flow, higher efficiency, less vibration, working more steady.

For casing, suing ANSYS for optimizing structure, high-intensity.

For bearing, with short span, thicken shaft, which makes small deflection when rotator running, and works more stable.

The shaft is full sealing no touch with liquid, bearing parts are oil lip sealing and V-type sealing ring, which protect against leaking, dust, water and humidity. Pump inlet and oulet flange could be by ISO, DIN, BS, ANSI, KS standards, etc. Bearing lubrication, grease for standard, oil for cutomized. 

Shaft sealing is packing seal interchangebaly with single end surface seal, or mechanical seal, double seal, or flushing system by standard API682.

Bearing is assembeled with interface for testing temperature and vibration, convenient for remote control.

Except pump casing, cover, impeller etc, the other parts is modular designed and standardized, bearing, sealing part, shaft sleeve are all interchangable.

Performance Range : 

Capacity : 100 - 30,000 m3/h

Head : 7 - 220m

Efficiency : 92%

Power : 15 - 4,000 kW

Inlet Diameter : 150 - 1,600 mm

Outlet Diameter : 100 - 1,400 mm

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